During this program, you will work 1:1 in an accelerated coaching to put you in the direction of achieving your dreams.

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High Performance Coaching is a process to achieve high levels of performance and gain access to your potential in life.

"My mission is to work with you in this process through 5 areas: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence, we believe that if you develop expertise in these 5 areas you will feel more fulfilled and with greater purpose. Through this program, you will discover new beliefs, habits, and tools that will help you be part of the people who live in an abundance mindset. Prepare yourself to live discoveries, acquire tools and explore new ideas!

From the beginning of the first session, you will learn the tools and ideas used by the most successful people in the world to achieve their objectives.

I am very happy to have the opportunity to help you in this process through the personalized High Performance Coaching program. "

Daniel Sfeir

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"Having a good coach is as important as having a good doctor. Daniel Sfeir as a successful entrepeneur in Latin America helps you from your practical experience to reach the next level and achieve even more in what you want."

Felipe Viel
TV Host Celebrity. Miami, USA

"I can not recommend anyone better than Daniel. As a coach, I need a coach as well and Daniel's coaching is excellent. I'm sure you'll get more than you could have imagined if you played your part. Get ready, go up, expect to be challenged, keep an open mind and enjoy!"

Pablo M. Linzoain
CEO - Instituto de NegociaciĆ³n, Pennsylvania, USA

"Behind a great success, there is always a great coach. Daniel knows how to make you look at yourself and grow as a professional and a person."

Claudio Roncoli
Visual Artist and Art Director. Latin Grammy 2017 and Grammy Awards 2018 for Best Recording Package

"As a High Performance coach, I also need a coach regularly. That is the reason why I recommend Daniel, because I have worked with him, and the results have been incredible."

Patricia CaƱada
Enprepeneur and High Performance Coach, Madrid, Spain.

"Daniel is a spectacular man, a great dad, husband, son, brother and above all a great friend. It is the best motivator you can have if you want to take your personal and professional life to the next level. As a coach, he is diligent, active and committed. I recommend his program 100%."

Marcelo Borlando
"Building Idol Brands" Author

"Daniel is a deeply gifted coach who is able to fearlessly stand for the brightest version of YOU even when you are hiding it from yourself. "

Tara Green
Intuitive Messaging Consultant - www.TaraGreenConsulting.com

The Program

12 face-to-face sessions or Skype, once a week.

Session 1: Clarity

We will explore how to increase your clarity on daily basis, take control of your time, live a life in accordance with your purpose and learn how to stay focused to achieve success.

Session 2: Energy

You will acquire the knowledge to manage your energy and receive tools to keep your mind and body in shape to amplify your vitality.

Session 3: Productivity

We will discover in what areas you want or need to be more productive.  we will learn techniques and tools to reach your goals and not get lost in the daily whirlwind.

Session 4: Influence

If you have big dreams you will need others. We will discover your relationship map and define what you expect from them as well as understand what they expect from you. We will work to develop the tools you need to receive the support of your boss, loved ones or friends for your next big leap.

Session 5: Courage

Your big dreams are going to require a great deal of courage.
In this session, we will deepen on your levels of courage to discover what and how we can access it to dare for more.

Session 6: Mastering your Psychology

How you think and what determines the success you'll have in what have defined as your goal.

In this session, we will deepen on your thoughts, what you do with them and how to acquire mastery of them. Successful people are most of the time at control of their thoughts.

Session 7: at Control of your Body

To achieve your propose you will need a vehicle in optimal conditions and that is not a matter of luck but a high level of conscience, determination and consistency.

In this session, we will explore your relationship with your body and how you set yourself for success or failure. We will implement habits to optimize it and prepare it for your future self needs.

Session 9: Mastering Persuasion

In this session, we will check your ability to influence and change the behavior of others to help you build or support your dreams. You will learn the persuasion techniques used by successful people to achieve their goals.



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