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Scale your Business, Scale your Life

 Join my consulting, coaching and mentoring programs and discover the tools used by thriving business and people to accelerate their success and move to the next level. 

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Simple words of love. Thank you!

"Having a good coach is as important as having a good doctor. Daniel Sfeir as a successful entrepeneur in Latin America helps you from your practical experience to reach the next level and achieve even more in what you want."

Felipe Viel
TV Host Celebrity. Miami, USA

"As a High Performance coach, I also need a coach regularly. That is the reason why I recommend Daniel, because I have worked with him, and the results have been incredible."

Patricia Cañada
Enprepeneur and High Performance Coach, Madrid, Spain.

"Daniel is a spectacular man, a great dad, husband, son, brother and above all a great friend. It is the best motivator you can have if you want to take your personal and professional life to the next level. As a coach, he is diligent, active and committed. I recommend his program 100%."

Marcelo Borlando
"Building Idol Brands" Author

"Behind a great success, there is always a great coach. Daniel knows how to make you look at yourself and grow as a professional and a person."

Claudio Roncoli
Visual Artist and Art Director. Latin Grammy 2017 and Grammy Awards 2018 for Best Recording Package

"I can not recommend anyone better than Daniel. As a coach, I need a coach as well and Daniel's coaching is excellent. I'm sure you'll get more than you could have imagined if you played your part. Get ready, go up, expect to be challenged, keep an open mind and enjoy!"

Pablo M. Linzoain
CEO - Instituto de Negociación, Pennsylvania, USA

"Daniel is a deeply gifted coach who is able to fearlessly stand for the brightest version of YOU even when you are hiding it from yourself. He lovingly put his finger on an area of pain in my life that was preventing me from feeling joyful and sharing myself with the world. I was hesitating, doubting myself, and holding onto feelings of sadness. His words hurt a lot (even though he was 100% kind!) and I was scared to face this part of my life. But his warm energy and loving presence gave me the courage to listen and hear the Truth he was sharing. While he didn’t give me “all the answers” on how I personally needed to move through some old emotions, he gave me analogies, word pictures, and emotional support that let me know he SAW me and FELT me. And BELIEVED in my ability to heal and step back into love for myself. His clear vision helped me drop the old story and move forward! I strongly encourage anyone who is ready to let go of their old story that keeps them small to work with Daniel. He will not bullshit you. But will help you return to the happiness that was always yours to begin with. He’s psychic, intuitive, empathic, and clairvoyant - filled with God’s Love and Compassion. Thank you, Daniel!"

Tara Green
Intuitive Messaging Consultant - www.TaraGreenConsulting.com

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Business Consulting

Especially crafted for the different stages and challenges of master franchisors, franchisees, and small business owners.

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The most recognized certified high performance coaching program available today for people and businesses.  

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Tailored mentoring is available for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business owners to support them along their business journey and accelerate their success.

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Scale your Business, Scale your Life.

Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring. 

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About - Daniel Sfeir 

Successful entrepreneur with experience in various industries such as franchises, real estate, entertainment, public lotteries, aerospace, restaurants, music, and fitness. He has participated in projects of various scales, from a single location to international expansion projects

One of the latest ventures in which he participates is in the expansion in Chile and much of Latin America of one of the # 1 franchises in the world according to the magazine Entrepreneur.

Daniel has over 15 years experience in family businesses developing and managing projects of international scale.

He studied Business Engineering at the Universidad Diego Portales (Chile), Master in Management at the Instituto de Empresa of Madrid sponsored by the OAS and High Performance Coaching at High Performance Institute, USA.

Born in Chile, he has visited more than 40 countries and lived in diverse locations such as the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Los Angeles, CA, which has influenced his broad and multicultural vision. Today resides in Hollywood, FL, USA.


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Get the latest scoop of my work & insights to move your business and personal life to the next level.



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